Welcome to EleanorProtocol

Blockchain is a new technology that can be difficult to understand. We’re here to help! The Eleanor Protocol covers your first touch with blockchain to your last. We are the first step on your journey with Blockchain.

What is the EleanorProtocol?

The EleanorProtocol is a set of tools designed to help both beginners and professionals on their way to a decentralized future. EleanorProtocol is a suite of tools for Blockchain users, from security to scaling and analytics and much more. 

Eleanor Analytics

Every project needs an accurate analysis in order to proceed successfully. It is a one-stop protocol for all your Web3 – Blockchain needs.


Reporting is the first step in capturing your issue.

Data Analyze

With the analysis we investigate your matter and evaluate it.


In the blockchain you leave fingerprints, we make them visible for everyone!

Our Partner AnonymousCrypto

AnonymousCrypto and Eleanor belong together and are partners! We develop and the community of AnonymousCrypto strengthens our back. AnonymousCrypto is a unique community owned DAO concept with its own token. The idea EleanorProtocol was born with AnonymousCrypto.

The official contract address is: 0x44b2909d4c581cf51557b066fd609802400a3182

What tools can we still expect?

The EleanorProtocol has a broad plan and will feed many important areas of blockchain with tools in the future.

Project scaling

With our tools your project will be big! Cutting-edge tools based on Web3 technology. 

Project security

If your project is not secure, potential investors will notice it! We bring the security of the future with our tools. 

Various bots

Whether Web3 based Telegram bots or other social platforms. We develop bots that make your life easier. 

Project Audit & Certificates

Our audits are different! You can be 100% sure that all projects are safe with our certificate and audit.